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Every function, every design is filled with love

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Track your relationship milestones with beautiful themes like getting married or the day you met. Watch as your phone displays a heartwarming countup, reminding you of the love-filled days you've spent together.



Keep your love story at the forefront of your life. Add a widget to your home screen, displaying the duration of your togetherness, marriage, engagement, or any other important milestone. Every glance at your phone becomes a reminder of your eternal love.



Capture and relive your most cherished moments with ease. Add titles, descriptions, tags, images, and even voice recordings to your personal relationship timeline .


Anniversay Reminders

Never miss important dates! Mi & Ju sends thoughtful reminders of the time you've been together and upcoming events, ensuring you celebrate each occasion with joy and excitement.



Unlock the magic of new experiences with Mi & Ju's adventurous feature. Scratch and unveil exciting date ideas tailored to your preferences, categorized by season, price, and duration. 


App Sharing

Share the joy of creating memories together. Invite your partner to join Mi & Ju and collaborate on moments and milestones. Together, you'll create a shared digital diary that embodies the love and connection you share.

Want A Feature?

Do you have a brilliant idea for a feature that would make your journey even more memorable? We'd love to hear it.
Our team is dedicated to making Mi & Ju the ultimate couples/relationship app, and your feedback plays a vital role in shaping its future.

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