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What is a relationship diary and why do you need one? | Mi & Ju

Can you still remember your first dinner together? Or the butterflies in your stomach when you said “I love you” for the first time? Yes, these are moments that make life special. But over time, these precious memories can fade. This is where the relationship diary comes into play – a treasure chest full of memories, emotions and moments of happiness.

What is a relationship diary?

A relationship diary, as the name suggests, is a diary that is filled in by both partners in a relationship. It is not only a place to record your shared experiences, but also to become aware of your thoughts, wishes, and goals.

While a normal diary is usually written by one person and focuses more on everyday events, a relationship diary is all about the two of you. Your ups and downs, your plans for the future and what you love about each other, all these aspects find space in this precious book.

A journal as a relationship diary
A journal as a relationship diary

Types of relationship diaries: analogue vs. digital

The relationship diary can be kept in two ways – analogue and digital. The analog relationship diary is the classic way. A beautiful notebook that you design together, write in, stick photos in - just something very personal to touch. It's ideal for anyone who loves putting their thoughts down on paper by hand.

However, in the era of digitalization, the digital relationship diary is increasingly taking over. With an app like Mi & Ju you can document your thoughts, moments and wishes immediately, wherever you are. A huge advantage is that it is always at hand and doesn't get lost, and both partners can access it.

Mi & Ju app as a digital relationship diary
Mi & Ju app as a digital relationship diary

Why you need a relationship diary

In today's fast-paced, time-critical world, we often lack the time to stop and reflect on our relationships. This is exactly where the relationship diary helps. It offers the opportunity to look back together on the previous chapters of your love and recognize the status of your relationship. Here are a few advantages that a relationship diary brings:

  • Awareness of feelings and desires: You can understand each other better if you put your daily thoughts and feelings on paper. You learn what is important to your partner and what common goals you have.

  • Recognizing potential for improvement: By writing down what makes you happy but also what bothers you, you can identify where there are problems in your relationship and what you can improve.

  • Promoting Gratitude:  Write down what you are grateful for in your relationship. This is an effective way to highlight each other's positive sides and strengthen love and appreciation for each other.

  • Creating valuable memories: The more experiences, dreams, and wishes you record in the relationship diary, the more valuable this collection of memories becomes over time.

This is how you start your personal relationship diary

If you want to start a diary, you may be asking yourself: “How do we start?” First of all, decide what type of relationship diary you want to keep – analogue or digital. If you choose the analogue option, you will need a blank notebook that you both like and a pen. The digital version is even easier to start - just download the Mi & Ju app and you're ready to go!

About the routine: It's completely up to you how often you use the relationship diary. Some couples write in it every day, while others do it weekly or at irregular intervals. The important thing is that it doesn't become a chore, but rather brings joy.

On the subject of writing together or alone: The nice thing about a relationship diary is that you can design it the way that suits you best. You can fill it out it together, e.g., in the evening on the sofa or at Sunday breakfast. Or each of you has your own diary to record your innermost thoughts. Be creative and find what works best for you!

Lastly, remember, your relationship diary should be a safe, honest space in which unresolved conflicts and misunderstandings can be addressed. But it is also a place of joy and gratitude and not to be forgotten — a book of shared memories and experiences.

Filling out a relationship diary
Filling out a relationship diary

Questions you can ask yourself when filling out the diary

Sometimes it can be difficult to find where to start when you start writing. You may be wondering what thoughts or feelings are “worth” writing down or where to even start. That's exactly what these questions are intended for. They serve as food for thought and inspire you to articulate your feelings and tackle difficult topics.

  • How do I feel about our relationship today?  Your feelings may vary from day to day, and that's okay. Write down how you feel right now and what you need right now.

  • What was special about our relationship today?  Was it breakfast together? Or the loving compliment? Save these special moments in your relationship diary.

  • What would I like to improve or change in our relationship?  Reflect on possible areas where you would like to see change and discuss how you can achieve this.

  • What goals and dreams do we have as a couple?  Where do you want to travel together? What experiences do you want to have together? Set your vision as a couple.

  • What am I particularly grateful for in our relationship?  Write down every day what you are grateful for in your relationship. This exercise helps you always keep the positive aspects of your relationship in mind.

These questions are just a starting point. You can write everything in your relationship diary that is important to you and what defines your relationship. 

With the Mi & Ju app you can keep your digital relationship diary easily and conveniently. The app offers you a protected space to capture your moments (beautiful and less beautiful), to focus intensively on your relationship and at the same time serves as a source of inspiration for joint activities.



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